About Madeline;

My name is Madeline Pacek, and I am a recent graduate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where I studied Communications Media. I spent most of my time focusing on graphic design. I’ve loved art for as long as I can possibly remember. I got interested in graphic design in high school, when I realized it was a lot less messy than painting, and I could create some amazing things. I began my college education in 2012 at the Community College of Allegheny Country, majoring in Graphic Communications, where I learned the basics of 2-D Design, color theory, logo design, and the principles of design. I transferred to IUP in January 2015, first majoring in Studio Art, before going back to my graphic design roots. I approach graphic design in the same way I approach fine arts, from a visually appealing standpoint, focusing on color theory, and the visual aesthetics and principles of design. I base everything around the “rules” of design, so I can break those rules when I have a good reason to. Graphic design is my passion. I have a particular fondness for typography and geometric design.

When I’m not busy designing, I also I enjoy photography, spending time outdoors, and traveling. I have two Boston Terriers who keep me busy and happy. I really, really love “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation.” I’m also happily engaged to a wonderful Englishman, and we will be getting married in 2018!

I am the artist, Hey Madeline is my brand.

Hey Madeline started as an idea for an e-commerce business. I wanted to sell things with my designs on them. The name was inspired from a lecture one of my professors always gave- “How are you going to brand yourself? How are you going to sell yourself to employers?” As a woman, when I get married, my name changes, but with “Hey Madeline,” it doesn’t have to.

In November 2016, I bought a domain name, web hosting, and started teaching myself how to run a business. Over the last year, “Hey Madeline” the business and “Madeline the freelancer” became one. I’m now offering my skills as a graphic designer and my products under one metaphoric roof. I’m a one-stop-shop.

So hello, world. It’s nice to meet you.